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An estimated 80 percent of people are reluctant to have dental treatment

Dental Anxiety

Half of those put off treatment until they have a dental problem that requires treatment, even though they know that delaying treatment is likely to make the condition worse and will eventually require even more substantial dental work.

Why does this happen?

Older patients may recall when dental work was uncomfortable, slow and painful. Even younger patients may find it intrusive and experience feelings of helplessness, while more extreme fears may involve choking, gagging and a dread of the anaesthetic needle.

Hypnotherapy and dental anxiety

Hypnotherapy, a drug-free alternative therapy, resolves fears and anxieties around dental treatment. For most people, dental anxiety is an unreasonable and exaggerated anticipation of dental treatment that is greater than any actual discomfort suffered during treatment itself.

Amanda uses a powerful combination of hypnotherapy, retraining and cognitive based therapy for effectively treating dental anxiety. Hypnosis uses techniques to induce a hypnotic state, putting the mind in a state clinically proven to effectively help clients resolve negative habits and reverse many behavoural issues. The hypnotic state allows the hypnotist to connect with the client's subconscious mind in an altered state of awareness, and give positive suggestions that bypass the rational, conscious mind, influencing the client's thoughts and behaviour at a deeper, subconscious level.

In this state, fears and anxieties can be resolved before the dental treatment, allowing you to approach the occasion without stress and ensuring you will complete the treatment and receive the benefits of timely and preventative dental treatment. During the treatment, you will be calmer and more comfortable, allowing a quicker and more pleasant experience.

Amanda is a Hypnodontics World Certified Practitioner, proud to serve all of Western Australia from her studio in Mt Hawthorn. This is easily accessible to all metropolitan locations including Woodvale Scarborough, Nedlands, Morley, Kalamunda and Fremantle. Amanda is also available to all Western Australian regional centres through Skype and Zoom.

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Gagging, pain, anxiety during dental teatments. "After just two sessions ... so much calmer, less anxiety. Thank you Amanda, I fully recommend it for anyone who has any sort of dental anxiety."


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