Amanda Wright Hypnogenie

    Amanda Wright Hypnogenie

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I am Perth’s leading Master Hypnotherapist. I’ve helped hundreds of people deal with Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Gut Health, Weight Loss, Menopause and Smoking


OldPain2Go One Day Training Certification

for therapists, healers, coaches and nurses.

Saturday 11 July 2020
9 am to 6pm

Learn techniques, methodology and physical pain removal.
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Enquiries Amanda Wright 0400 517 470 or email

This one day training is packed with learning, not just the technique, but the methodology and understanding of the whole concept of pain removal. Therapists using existing modalities will find it integrates easily with other work delaing with pain.

You will learn:

  • how to overcome any client/therapist barrier
  • the fastest way ever into any client's subconscious
  • how to work with the subconscious
  • the concept of Brain Bargaining
  • how to reset the safety system
  • how to get the client to do all the work!
  • how to act as negotiator and translator
  • the five ways of programing, incuding creativity
  • getting direct to the answer
  • to ask the subconscious what it thinks
  • ideomotor responses
  • instant pain removal
  • removal of tension and inflammation
  • how to free clients from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and myalygic encephalomyelitis
  • how to release trapped nerves.

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