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Amanda is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist who can help you manage, recover from, reduce and eliminate the stress that threatens your health. Naturally drug-free and supported by solid science, hypnosis is effective for managing stress, aiding relaxation, reducing tension, eliminating chronic pain, and managing the symptoms of many conditions.

Amanda’s style of hypnosis uses calming, peaceful relaxation techniques to induce a hypnotic state allowing the therapist to bypass the rational, conscious mind, and connect with the client's subconscious mind. In this deeply relaxed state, hypnosis is clinically proven to effectively help clients resolve eliminate stress, resolve negative habits and reverse many behavioural issues.

Good stress and bad stress

Stress is created when the body repsonds to unusual demands or pressures. In many cases stress is a healthy reaction, helping us react to and cope with life's challenges. However, too much stress or prolonged stress can affect our physical and mental health.

Stress can have many causes -- relationships, workplace or study issues, bereveavement, traumatic incidents, and financial problems for example. Once you start to experience the health effects of excessive stress, you need to take action to prevent further and escalating phsical and mental health damage. If you are experiencing poor motivation, uncontrolled emotions, trouble sleeping, headaches, anxiety, increased food or alchohol intake, or are simply not coping, you may be suffering from excessive stress.

Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy creates a deeply relaxed state, easing tension and removing stress at a subconscious level. This will help prevent the physical and health effects of excess or prolonged stress that keep the body is a state of unhealthy pressure and heightened reaction.

Hypnotherapy promotes ongoing healthy lifestyle changes that moderate and manage your reactions to stressful circumstances, and enable you to identify, avoid annd prevent stress before it occurs.

Amanda offers a FREE 20 minute telephone consultation. You can ask anything you want about the therapy. Email, text or call Amanda to arrange a suitable time to discuss. Please make sure you are available to take the call once a time is confirmed. Contact Amanda now.

Amanda’s qualification include: Bachelor of Arts – Social Science, Graduate Diploma Public Health, Master Clinical Hypnotherapy, Qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Crystal Light Therapist. Amanda is an advocate for natural healing methods and is constantly upgrading her qualifications.

When stress has you pulling your hair out!