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Chronic pain reduction or elimination

Amanda is Australia's only qualified and accedited OldPain2Go Trainer and Master Practitioner. Using this amazing, natural, drug-free pain reduction and elimination technique, she will work with you to release trapped pain circuits in the brain that continue delivering pain messages long after the original injury has been resolved. This is achieved by accessing your subconscious while you are fully awake and alert, using the way the brain processes and stores information. Amanda will guide you each step of the way to reduce your pain as much as possible in one or more sessions, in most cases resulting in complete freedom from pain.

Pain has a purpose when it alerts you to a new injury or problem. It gives you the urgency to deal with an issue, and it will usually decrease and disappear as the injury heals. Chronic, long term pain stays and continues to damage your life long after the original cause has healed. It is a trapped circuit in the brain giving a false alert, and it can be turned off by a skilled practitioner such as Amanda without chemicals, drugs or injections.

Australia's only qualified and accedited OldPain2Go Trainer and Master Practitioner

All you need is to genuinely want to be free from pain

The effect does not produce numbness or prevent nerves from relaying pain signals. New pain that properly alerts you to new injury, even in the same area, will be unaffected.

Please note: This does not constitute medical advice and does not involve any form of diagnosis. You must have been diagnosed by a medical professional who has prescribed or advised pain relief.

International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists
National Guild of Hypnotists USA
International Institute of Complementary Therapists
International Kundalini Yoga Teachers' Assocation
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Video testimonials

"At the moment I have no pain at all. Which is bloody marvellous!"

CRPS - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, from 5 to 0. "It's gone! Fabulous!"

25 years of tinnitus. Went from 10 to 3 or 4. "I feel calm and relaxed and this helps me deal with the situation."


"My back pain had disappeared after one healing session with Amanda. The serene and tranquil setting accompanied by her warm gentle approach soothed my mind and soul. I trust and have faith in her healing work."